Author Visits/Guest Speaking

Author Visits & Speaking Engagements

Our visits are designed to be an engaging, interactive, and educational experience for young learners in grades K-5, allowing them to creatively explore the Autism spectrum while blending creative learning with play. Each session is one hour long and features our “Autism Through The Alphabet” ABC Coloring Book. 

What to Expect:

Interactive Author Visits: During our author visits, we bring along our “Autism Through The Alphabet” ABC Coloring Book, allowing kids to creatively explore the Autism spectrum through fun and engaging activities. Jaiden and I will share our story, discuss the importance of Autism awareness, read some pages from our coloring book, and provide coloring pages and hands-on activities for participants to enjoy.

Speaking Engagements: We offer insightful and inspiring talks tailored to foster awareness, understanding, empathy, kindness, and representation. These sessions aim to create more supportive and inclusive spaces for all kids to thrive and cover topics including our Autism journey, raising an autistic child, the importance of representation for black autistic youth, being an entrepreneur, building confidence and a positive self-identity, and working to transform Autism education and awareness! 

One Giant Play Date: Our sessions feel like a giant play date where kids get to meet and have fun with Jaiden! They will also have the opportunity to see a young inspiring role model who is defying the odds, running a business, and is a genuine representative of the Autism community. Through interactive and engaging activities and discussions, children will learn about Autism in a positive and inclusive way.

Shekira Farrell - Speaker Bio and Engagement Information

My journey as an Autism advocate began in 2014 when my son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Navigating first-time motherhood alongside learning what Autism meant for us and our journey, as well as my own late-diagnosed Autism as an adult, has given me a unique and profound perspective. This experience has fueled my commitment to challenge the negative misconceptions and limitations often associated with Autism.

Key Topics I Cover Include:

  • Personal Experiences with Autism and Motherhood: Sharing my journey of raising an autistic child and learning about Autism while navigating first-time motherhood.
  • Advocacy Efforts and Overcoming Misconceptions: Highlighting my commitment to fighting negative misconceptions that often surround an Autism diagnosis.
  • Insights from My Late-Diagnosed Autism: Reflecting on my late adult Autism diagnosis and how it has enriched my advocacy and mental health.
  • The Journey of Entrepreneurship & Jai At Play: Explaining the inception and impact of Jai At Play and how it’s transforming Autism awareness and education.
  • Championing Diversity in Autism Awareness: Highlighting the critical need for diverse voices in Autism awareness, challenging stereotypes about Autism within the Black community, and ensuring no child is left behind.

My storytelling and advocacy have made me a sought-after speaker at various events, including the Monmouth County 5th Annual Autism Forum & Resource Fair, “Autism Acceptance Dinner & Dialogue” with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County, the “Kindness Is” Podcast with Kind Cotton, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America National Trauma-Informed “The Role of DEI in Trauma-Informed Practices.”

By sharing my journey and insights, I strive to inspire and empower others while advocating for a more inclusive and understanding society that embraces Autism and ensuring that autistic youth feel seen, heard, included, and understood.
I am available for speaking engagements and collaborations and look forward to partnering with organizations to further my mission of transforming Autism awareness and education.

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