About Us

Meet Jaiden

Jaiden was diagnosed with Autism when he was a little over two years old and is a life-loving, kindness spreading, creative, self-advocating superhero on a mission to show the world that there are no limits to what you can do when you believe in yourself and that Autism isn’t a bad thing. He will always find a way to share kindness, love, and positivity wherever he is, all while being the best son, friend, and person he can be. 

Jaiden's story is one of hope and positivity. His journey exemplifies the power of resilience, the importance of embracing differences, and the impact of positive autism awareness. Through his work and efforts, Jaiden elevates not just his story but the voices of all neurodivergent children and their families, fostering a community that thrives on understanding, acceptance, inclusion, and the celebration of neurodiversity.

We truly appreciate the support and love we receive, and Jaiden personally wants to thank you all. In his own words, “You’re my friend now!”

Meet Shekira

Shekira is a devoted Autism Mom, passionate Autism advocate, accomplished visual artist and social activist, and the founder and CEO of Jai At Play. Her impactful story, experiences, and love for utilizing art and creativity to promote positive Autism awareness and acceptance have garnered attention in major publications and media, including ATTN (with a video reaching over 1M views), NowThis News, and People.

Through innovative products, resources, and workshops, Shekira and her son advocate for Autism awareness, understanding, inclusion, and representation while creating safer, kinder, more supportive spaces for all children to thrive. She genuinely believes that when all children have the opportunity to learn about Autism and develop a deeper understanding, they gain the valuable skills needed to embrace differences, build meaningful connections, and contribute to a society that embraces neurodiversity.

Recognizing the importance of community, Shekira actively engages in community events and awareness campaigns. In collaboration with local educational institutions and autism advocacy organizations, including her local public library, she hosts community events with her son, highlighting Autism awareness, understanding, inclusion, anti-bullying initiatives, and social-emotional learning.

Shekira was also diagnosed with Autism in her adulthood, and by leveraging her personal experiences and insights, she is able to operate from a place of genuine understanding, empathy, and awareness while also being an authentic representative and advocate for those within the Autism Community and beyond.

How We're Different

Jai At Play is more than a business, it’s a mission and a catalyst for positive change. In a society where Autism is often linked with misfortune and pity, we stand apart from major Autism-centered companies by focusing on a different narrative.

Unlike organizations that center their efforts on the medical aspects of Autism and seek to "cure" or "fix" it, we believe it's not Autism that needs changing but rather people's perceptions of it. Our commitment to a more inclusive approach goes beyond welcoming autistic youth and families of all races and ethnicities — we actively and intentionally make space for those who are often overlooked and underrepresented, particularly autistic black youth and their families.

What sets us apart is not just our dedication to awareness, understanding, inclusion, and representation but our philosophy centered on patience, teamwork, creativity, and love. It's a philosophy that opens hearts and minds to the uniqueness of each child beyond the Autism diagnosis. It fosters safer, kinder, more supportive spaces for autistic children and their families to not just survive but thrive, reminding everyone that Autism is not a tragedy but a meaningful part of who someone is.


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